Add A Little Sparkle

Hello Beauties! 
I have missed you all very much, unfortunately I have been under the weather (sick) and just in a really grey mood. However, today I feel much better and I just wanted to say hello again! Thank you all for the well wishes, texts, and phone calls, they were all very much needed. I stepped out today to show you all a little something pretty that I've been holding out on for Labor Day! I am wearing this beautiful Pink and White Sequence JESSIE dress from Courtney Noelle 
Can I just take a moment to tell you guys how luxurious this dress makes me feel. I love the fact that aside from it being so very pretty, it efficient. The pattern of the sequence is reversible, so no matter which way you slide your hand across the dress, you will get a smooth feel. I love the fact that Courtney Noelle gives you plenty of stretch in her designs which allows for the most curvaceous women to feel well kept. But, if your less hips like me you may want to even size this one down a bit! Ladies, I can't brag enough out this dress or this entire collection for that matter.
Don't snooze get your before it's all gone <3

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